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Short Messages for the future
Our intention on building this site is to provide a limited number of individuals a chance of leaving message for the future.
Our pages include:
short messages for the future, messages for Barack Obama, messages for Ahmadinejad, messages for Cristiano Ronaldo, messages for Diego Forlan, messages for Jose Mourinho, messages for Benfica, messages for Manchester United.
These are not official pages, however they will allways be in www.shortmessagesforthefuture.com and we hope that many years from now this could be a good historical reference of how people were feeling at a given time, their thoughts, opinions, advices about a certain celebrity, themselves or their loved ones.
Sometimes when looking through old stuff, we find something that was written in the past and realize that a simple phrase with no apparent importance at the time, becames so important when we read it in the future.
This site is all about this, leave your message now, it will gain importance as years go by.
Hurry all pages have a limited number of messages allowed.
A messagee for Barack Obama
A message for Jose Mourinho
A message for ahmadinejad mahmoud
A message for Cristiano Ronaldo
A message for Diego Forlan
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